Our Expertise 

We are a hybrid team of educators, facilitators, storytellers, organizers, strategists, and network builders. Our team has a decade of experience working across cultural and geographical differences to strengthen communities to connect, collaborate, and thrive. We have worked across the education, financial services, music, and environmental sectors to bring together stakeholders and decision-makers by organizing events, forums, and spaces for collective sense-making. We work with partners to thoughtfully craft and design programs, initiatives, and strategic plans that work best for their business or community. With us, you're not just getting consultants, you're gaining partners who will be there with you every step of the way, asking you all the hard questions, and making sure you arrive at the answers you've been searching for. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create and build shared spaces for creative and cultural experiences through storytelling and community building. 

Our vision is connecting and building communities through art, creativity and culture.

Our Values

Aside from our professional expertise, we are committed to approaching our work with the following values: 

  • Supporting underrepresented communities 
  • Listening to witness and learn
  • Community support and community building
  • Environments that support thriving individuals and thriving communities
  • Collaborative sense-making
  • Creating spaces that vanquish fear of uncertainty and the unknown

Our Philosophy  

At Novalia, we aren’t giving the individuals in our network something new. We’re helping them uncover the issues, unlearn the things holding them back, and unleash into their world life-giving habits for themselves and those around them. 

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Odelia Younge and Vina Vo, Co-Founders of Novalia Collective 

Odelia Younge and Vina Vo, Co-Founders of Novalia Collective