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SPOTLIGHT: Snapshots from the Stage

On April 13, we had the honor of putting on our second production of ‘this is my body,’ a creative program that takes a cohort of women through a series of writing and performance workshops to create an original 5-minute one woman show and perform it at the end of the program in front of an audience. The program is rooted in vulnerable storytelling and requires immense trust and courage on the part of the participating women. All of the performers met that challenge with grace and the type of force that we realize we can generate when we stand in our truths and take up the space we deserve. The following vignettes represent the voices of three of the women in the show and their experience performing their original piece for the first time.

What Does 'Inner Work' Look Like?

On Monday I attended an event organized by the wonderful Gareth Gwyn of Let’s See Labs entitled “Sourcing Change from Within: The Role of Inner Work in Societal Evolution.” I had not felt well all day, but something told me that I needed to be there, and, as always, my inner voice/gut feeling was right. The event was held in an intimate space, and everyone who entered the room, entered with an air of openness to what the evening held in store. It was remarkable to be in a space where you could feel that everyone was there with a willingness to be surprised, challenged, and changed.

This is my body: My First Experience as a Non-Binary Performer [Guest Post]

This is my body came at a perfect time and space in my life. I was in-between jobs, and in a rough patch with all my relationships. I had just graduated law school and needed to makes major decisions about my life: Take the bar or nah? Move back to the Bay Area? Stay in my relationship? Get a job? I was overwhelmed with major life decisions and lost as to which path I should choose. When I found out about this is my body, I was excited, intrigued, and eager to be in a space where I could be creative –and a grade wouldn’t be attached.

Tea and Transitions

Life’s changes tend to come at us fast. We get so entrenched in the demands of each day that we seldom have time to reflect on the actions and reactions that have led to a crossroads. This is why transitions can feel overwhelming and scary. We believe that transitions are moments of critical opportunity that require us to pause and meditate and reflect on where life has been, where it is not, and where our lives could be.

Last weekend we hosted Tea and Transitions, a half day workshop focused on providing space and structure for participants to collaboratively address a current transition in their life. Participants were looking at new careers, moves, and other similar circumstances.

Sitting in the Presence of our Ancestors

In our current school systems, we are educated with a focus on linear time. But for many cultures time is not linear —we share connections with both ancestors and descendants within a constant dialogue between our past, present, and future. Our ancestors inform our paths, walk with us as we make sense of life with the wisdom of the paths they have walked before us.