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Building a Time Capsule for Your Diasporic Experience

I remember the last conversation I had with one of attendees of our workshop, “Building a Time Capsule for Your Diasporic Experience,” at the 34th annual Empowering Womxn of Color Conference. They talked to me about their great-grand mother who lived out of the country and how they desperately wanted to capture her story but life always took over when they were there. I spoke to them about time, the greatest enemy of capturing human stories, and how unfortunately time is often running out for us to sit with those we love and listen as they gift us with the stories of their life.

Relentless Questioning: Moving towards authentic cross-cultural/ethnic community building

If we have learned anything from the last few years, it is that none of us can get through this alone. But beyond our immediate communities, there is also the need to connect and build with communities with a different culture, ethnicity, and/or race from our own. While there are spaces that are working toward supporting this work, it is often done in a way that assumes that solidarity must exist across marginalized and minority groups. If we are to do powerful work that brings about a different type of world that is welcome to us all, then the relationships that work is built on must be authentic.

Sitting in the Presence of our Ancestors

In our current school systems, we are educated with a focus on linear time. But for many cultures time is not linear —we share connections with both ancestors and descendants within a constant dialogue between our past, present, and future. Our ancestors inform our paths, walk with us as we make sense of life with the wisdom of the paths they have walked before us.

Novalia Launch Party

We are thrilled to officially launch the Novalia Collective! Thank you to those who came out to the Alena Museum in Oakland to show their support and encouragement. We are honored that you chose to spend your Saturday with us and hope you had a wonderful afternoon connecting and dreaming with other attendees. For those of you who were unable to come, we included an event recap.

Breaking the Triangle

In our cultures -- as is true of many others -- food is sacred. Coming together with others to break bread at a table is an intimate invitation and experience. That was the feeling we wanted to lead with for our Breaking the Triangle dinner event that brought together individuals from the Black and Vietnamese communities in the Bay to discuss race, identity, and solidarity over Viet-Cajun inspired food.