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Building a Time Capsule for Your Diasporic Experience

I remember the last conversation I had with one of attendees of our workshop, “Building a Time Capsule for Your Diasporic Experience,” at the 34th annual Empowering Womxn of Color Conference. They talked to me about their great-grand mother who lived out of the country and how they desperately wanted to capture her story but life always took over when they were there. I spoke to them about time, the greatest enemy of capturing human stories, and how unfortunately time is often running out for us to sit with those we love and listen as they gift us with the stories of their life.

Lessons From My Elders: Ancestor worship with Ông Ngoại

Growing up, I watched my grandparents light incense every morning as they prayed to our ancestors’ pictures carefully placed on our family altar. In Vietnamese culture, we pay special tribute to the spirits of our lost loved ones during special holidays like the Lunar New Year (Tết), during special occasions such as weddings, and also during the ancestor's death anniversary.