Since you and your needs are unique, we customize our services to meet you where you are to get you to where you want to be.

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There are no voiceless people. Only the voices we haven’t heard yet. Through events, trainings and workshops, and performances, we foster environments that support and empower individuals to own and authentically share their stories. We know the power of collective storytelling, and work with groups to surface connected stories through a focus on shared resonant and resilient histories. 

community building

The foundations of a strong community are deep and meaningful relationships. Recognizing the importance of communication across lines of differences, we support and celebrates diverse communities to be more inclusive as they build out community. We collaborate with stakeholders through events, forums, and facilitated conversations on collective sensemaking that lead to greater inclusion and trust, more effective communication, and the ability to advocate and take action to address shared challenges.

We support and celebrate diverse communities to be more inclusive as they build out community and support them in communicating across lines of difference

strategic visioning and planning 

It is challenging to envision and plan for things we may never have seen or experienced. Whether you are an individual seeking a life change or a small company looking to grow in meaningful and effective ways, we will help you shift your mindset to create from places of possibility. We work closely with you on developing the skills for long-term, sustainable change management from individual growth and reflection to company culture visioning.


Long-term Engagements

Over the years, our personal and professional experiences have unearthed patterns in what it looks like to engage in the long-term work of creating something new, whether in oneself, a group, or a company. Our long-term engagements are designed to meet the needs of individuals, groups/networks, and organizations/companies that are ready to deeply engage in the work of shifting mindsets and creating positive change. We collaborate closely with partners to uncover the issues, unlearn the things holding them back, and unleash into their world life-giving habits for themselves and those around them.


During this initial stage, the focus is on asking the right questions and having the critical conversations that lead to identification of the root causes of specific and/or ongoing challenges and issues. We utilize several tools to focus on the process of collective uncovering including deep listening, sensemaking conversations, and community asset mapping. Our work gets to the foundations of the tensions that are preventing change from taking place and provides key knowledge and direction for the other stages.


The second stage of Unlearning develops the foundations to bring about meaningful and sustainable change. Unlearning is the act of undoing the effect of and putting aside the practice of habits and beliefs that are untrue, negative, and/or destructive to positive living and creation, whether it is in your individual life or the work of an organization. During this stage we will focus on what individuals need to personally unlearn through workshops, trainings, and protocols on myth identification, and how to continuously break cycles.


In the third stage, individuals and groups focus on what it is they would like to unleash in their lives and/or in their work. We support the development and implementation of sustainable personal and organizational plans to continue moving the work forward. Work is grounded in equitable principles of change management that allow everyone to feel empowered to be part of positive change. Building on the previous stages, we also work with individuals and groups to build around what is possible and to move beyond limitations that had hindered growth in the past.