I loved the opportunity to build community and share myself with others. I felt it helped me come to terms with my identity as a nonbinary person and stand in that identity with love and pride.
— Cristal

Collective Feedback


Novalia Collective are phenomenal storytellers with a knack for details and precision. They combine an unrivaled acumen for strategy with an ear that hears the heart of the matter. Time and time again, they have helped to clarify, contextualize and elevate my ever-changing voice from mediums as diverse blogs, books, and Harvard Law. Choosing to work with Novalia Collective is choosing to put your vision first. 

— Tabias Olajuawon Wilson

The level of interest to unify for building political power and institutional change for social justice inspired me. What was challenging for me was navigating my own ignorance and humility in awareness and knowledge of all the significant differences in the immigrant experience 

— Esperanza Pallana