This is my body


This is my body. We’ve all got one. What does yours mean to you? What does it mean to others? How does this relationship change over time? When did it change for you? We invite all amateur* women performers 21+ to apply for a series of workshops and an evening of performance on the theme of “This is my body”. 

*For this event, we consider someone an amateur if they have not performed at any professional events. 


About the program

There are no voiceless people. Only the voices we haven't heard yet. In the wake of #MeToo and other critical conversations on how women navigate this world, we have found that one of the most powerful mediums of resistance and healing is through the creative arts. This is my body is about starting the conversation at the point at which we own and love our bodies and our stories. This is my body is about taking up space and elevating impacted voices.

Our cohort will consist of 10 amateur performers who identify as women who will take part in a creative experience to develop an original 5-minute one woman show.

Performers will:

  • Take part in three writing workshops and two performance workshops

  • Participate in a dress rehearsal and a final public performance

  • Have the opportunity to include their work in a printed anthology

  • Receive a free t-shirt and some other this is my body swag

Read below for more information on our workshops:

Writing Workshops:

Writing workshops will support performers in cultivating the skills behind vulnerable storytelling. We will focus on what it means to write for your truths, while also writing to share that truth with others. Special attention will be given to focusing on the critical moments of a story and how to tell a powerful narrative within a concise piece.

Performance Workshops:

Our performance workshops will create space for performers to become comfortable on a stage. We will practice embodying our stories through bodily expression, and taking up the spaces our stories are meant to.

Cost: $300-$500 (sliding scale)*

*Payments can be made in installments and we will provide fundraising materials, as well as the chance to apply for scholarships to participate.


Applications are now closed. Please join us on April 13, 2019 for the performance.

Previous performances

Our inaugural this is my body took place in March 2018 at the Center for Faith and Justice. Find out more about our eleven incredible performers and their mentors.

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