This is my body

About the program

There are no voiceless people. Only the voices we haven't heard yet. In the wake of #MeToo and other critical conversations on how women navigate this world, we have found that one of the most powerful mediums of resistance and healing is through the creative arts. This is my body is about starting the conversation at the point at which we own and love our bodies and our stories.

The program consists of a series of writing and performance workshops grounded in vulnerable storytelling, self-exploration, and community. Our authors and performers came together as a collective that helped each of them dive deep into their stories and come away with pieces that articulated an important story in their life.

To witness these stories in action, you can view the previous performances below:



this is my body is an anthology of written works by women of color exploring their relationship with their bodies in the world they exist in. Each piece is accompanied by a powerful stage performance bringing the words from the page to life.

To pre-order the book, please visit Nomadic Press.


Video by Jesse Gurney